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I visited Scott at the beginning of 2018 when I felt lost and unprepared for the changes I saw coming in my life. Through Scott I was given tools and insights to begin my journey of healing and discovery that I never dreamed possible. Because of his beautiful gift I was able to do the work and truly meet myself for the first time this year. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to work with Scott and cultivate a foundation of self-growth that I can continue to build on for years to come.

-Steph B

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My reading with Scott covered a lot of ground. The answers to my questions were clear and powerful and I gained extremely valuable insight into issues spanning my business, my family, and myself. I am still unpacking this reading a few weeks later!

Most importantly, I have been able to shift some energy around issues that once had me feeling really stuck.

For anyone seeking a reading that brings clarity and empowerment, Scottwill help you connect with the wisdom you need.

Liz Lee

Scott's intuitive readings are so helpful and loving. He passes along insights, messages and exercises to help me heal myself and live more from my true essence.

Elicia Miller

Scott’s ability to receive clear messaging from the Underwriters and his willingness to transcribe their wise words as delivered are both notable talents. The first being an amazing spiritual gift of energetic communication and the latter being an earth-based humility. That openness to being the vessel and not the writer — it’s what sets great channelers apart. And the Underwriters? They are lovely and honest.

Lea Morgan

My readings with Scott are consistently loving, to the point, and impactful. Regardless of who comes through to share messages ~ my team, his team, or the spiritual beings that he channels ~ I always gain a deeper understanding of my life, my process, and the direction that I'm heading. I'm always provided with tools to help me move forwardthrough challenging experiences and to create more momentum in my life and career.

Janet Raftis

It is my belief that if you're reading this testimonial you've found the support you're looking for. Scott Hall is a super passionate and compassionate man who is awakened to the love and Spirit support that guides him both in the physical and the spiritual worlds.  Scott is a Channel and an Intuitive who is capable of supporting you no matter the topic. He is a mans man making him a solid bridge for others alike who are looking for a spiritual or healing encounter who otherwise wouldn't venture into this realm of exploration. Scott is also a nurturing soul and capable of supporting the feminine in us all. His big heart, vision and artistry together create a wonderful balance of the masculine and feminine that is not to be overlooked.  No matter what your goal, Scott will help you experience a fuller expression of life. 

Olivia Rich