Intuition or Anxiety?

Sometimes when I’m trying to tap into my intuition to make a decision, I feel nothing but bad stuff. This happens because anxiety is building up around the question.

In the past I thought that the bad feeling I was getting was an intuitive pull telling me not to do something, but now I know better.

It’s really important when you have a bad feeling about something to hit the rewind button and see what has transpired to bring you to that moment. When you review you might find that anxiety and worry have arrived on the scene because of some sort of trigger from the past.

Regardless of why, if you find that you’re anxious, it’s best to discount that bad feeling as an intuitive hit because you are currently in no shape to be a good receiver of the subtle energy that carries intuitive information.

When I’m calm and relaxed, I’m being a good receiver. I see myself as an open tube, ready for information to come to me.

But anxiety twists and squeezes that tube, narrowing the opening, making it very difficult for me to receive clean intuitive information.

When I find myself in this situation, I know I have two choices:

1.    Get myself calm and back into receiving mode so I can access my intuition

2.    Seek the help of an intuitive friend or a psychic medium

If I’m super stressed and lack the time to calm myself, I usually jump to number 2 and ask my partner Janet to give me a reading about my decision. However, you know how it is with partners. If one partner is very anxious about a subject, the other may become anxious as well and therefore ineffective. That’s when I seek the help of one of my psychic friends.

But on a good day, when I’m not terribly stressed about the subject, I will work on calming and grounding myself so I can access accurate intuitive information. I might walk or run, play my guitar, or meditate. Sometimes I hold my very grounding hematite stone. Other ways to ground include taking a salt bath, yoga, lifting weights, tapping your sternum and the most obvious one… actually sitting on the ground outside.

Once I feel calm and grounded, I can feel into the decision. I imagine how I would feel if I went through with it and then I imagine how I would feel if I didn’t. As long as I have truly calmed down, this will be very accurate.

Sometimes when I begin feeling into the decision, I start to get stressed again. That’s when I stop immediately and go to number 2. It’s just not worth putting myself through all of that.

In the video below, I talk more about this process and about what an intuitive hit does and doesn’t feel like.

If you find yourself too anxious to tap into your intuition, I’d love to help you. Click here to book a reading with me.