You Are Psychic!

Yes! It’s true. You are psychic. We all are psychic to some degree.

By psychic I mean that you are sensitive to things in the subtle realm that can’t be explained by or measured by science.

Being empathic is a psychic ability we are all born with. We are each able to feel the feelings of another person in our body. For example, when you were a kid did you ever have the experience of watching TV when your mom came home in a bad mood, and without looking at her, without her saying a word, you knew she was upset? Could you feel it in your body?

If you answered yes, you are empathic. You are an empath to at least some degree, and thus, you are psychic.

If you’ve been with a partner for a while, you probably often know what they are going to say before they say it. This ability has not been scientifically verified, so it falls under psychic-ness.

Have you ever thought of a friend you haven’t heard from and then you get a call from them or you bump into them shortly after that thought? That is a psychic event.

Have you sensed when a person you’re meeting for the first time doesn’t feel good to you, regardless of their big smile and pleasant words? Maybe it was so strong you felt repelled by them. This is a psychic sensing.

Maybe you’ve had a similar feeling of being repelled, but it was from bad feelings you received when walking into an empty room. Buildings contain different types of energies that we all feel to some degree and this is psychic as well.

Take a look at the video below where I talk more about how You Are Psychic!!

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