How I Came to Channel an Alien

Never in a million years did I think that I would channel an extraterrestrial. In fact, I probably would have thought it was much more likely that I would meet one in person. Yet here I am, writing to you about the fact that I communicate with a being from another planet.

His name is AV: (colon included), and he is a very loving being. Despite our differences, such as his 8-foot height and that he has a ridge for a nose, we are made from the same stuff, love. In fact, that is AV:’s favorite and only topic. He talks of how we come from love, and how we are made of love, and that we should always be “in love”.

AV: wants us to understand that love is not something we just feel on occasion. It is the force that created us and our planet.

But AV: experiences love at a much higher level than we do.

When I begin channeling him, the feeling of love and joy is so tremendous that it often makes me simultaneously laugh and cry.

It feels like I can only handle a tiny portion of what he can offer, and because of that, he has kindly provided me with a sort of valve that allows me to control the flow. Thank God for that, because it feels like my heart might explode causing me to burst into tiny pieces.

I’m very thankful that he has come into my life and I feel it’s time for me to share his love and knowledge with others.

Previously, I had only shared AV: at workshops and retreats, but now I’m offering a phone reading called Talking to AV: The Loving Extraterrestrial, during which I will channel my alien friend so he can answer your personal questions. I’m offering this 20 min channeled reading at an introductory rate of $30. Click here to book.

I will also be channeling AV: at our upcoming workshop, Speaking to Spirit: What Lights You Up? October 5-6 at The Center for Love & Light in Atlanta. I will be joined by Janet Raftis and Lea Morgan for a weekend that includes channeling, mediumship, a healing activation, and meeting your guides. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Watch the video below for details on how I first met AV:.