What Does a Toy Boat Have to Do With Meditation?

First off, it’s my birthday, and I’m very happy to be sharing one of my creations with you today!

I love creating things and video is my new favorite medium for channeling my ideas. I get to combine many of my talents in one place, including art, photography, writing, music and sound effects. I had a blast making this video and I hope you have as much fun watching it.

So what’s the video about? I’m sharing my Air or Water Meditation Tip to help you reduce unwanted thoughts during meditation.

Meditation is where so much good work can happen because you’re taking yourself offline to allow your natural connection to Spirit. You’re aligning yourself to loving and helpful information, feelings, images and ideas. It’s like your opening a door above your head so all the good stuff that was held back can drop into you.

But if you’re like I was when I first started to meditate, you may be struggling with an over-active mind.

Everyone else seems to be able to obtain a quiet, thoughtless mind during meditation, but you’re thinking you’d be happy with just a little less thought!

I think a more realistic and helpful goal is to achieve better thoughts and ideas rather than a quiet mind. I believe this video will help you do just that!

Oh. And keep an eye out for the toy boat.

Happy meditations!