I Have a Spirit Guide Who Sits on My Knee

I want to tell you my story about how I met my spirit guides. It wasn’t an easy process. I had tried many times to meet my spirit guide in a lucid dream, but it just didn’t happen.

During that same period, I believed that God was speaking to me through songs. I would be sitting there contemplating a question and all of the sudden a chorus or verse of a song would pop into my head that would answer the question or sooth me in some way. Usually it was a song I hadn’t heard on the radio recently, so I knew it wasn’t coming from memory. This happened with such regularity that I determined this must be God speaking to me.

That was my way of looking at it. At that point I had just re-acquainted myself with the word God in a much more personal, non-religious context. Previously, I avoided the word all-together.

Later, I determined that intuitive information such as this comes in from specific non-physical personalities or entities which are all under the umbrella of God or the Universe. So, I wasn’t wrong to think the songs were coming from God, but in reality, it was much more personal, more like the close relationship you have with a best friend.

Years later, I met my partner, Janet. Our relationship started with lengthy phone calls where I was drilling her on everything she knew about this spiritual and metaphysical stuff. During one of our first calls she gave me a bit of a reading and introduced me to one of my spirit guides named Horatio, a Greek man that I had been great friends with in a former life. She told me that Horatio is the one who has been giving me songs to help me. So cool! How could I not go on a date with this woman?

Afterward, I was able to meditate and see Horatio for the first time. He looks typically Greek. He’s small with curly dark hair, and he gives great bro hugs! I love those hugs and ask for them whenever I’m in need of grounding.

Watch the video below for tips on how to meet your spirit guides and to learn about my main guide who sits on my knee!?!?