I Came Face to Face with My Deceased Father in the Astral Realm

My father died of cancer at age 50 when I was 27 years old. The first time I saw him again was in a dream. He walked down the stairs toward me, appearing to be in his mid 30’s and looking perfectly healthy. That dream comforted me because I knew he was okay.

When I was in my mid 30’s, I had my first lucid dream. I sort of woke up within a dream by becoming aware that I was dreaming. My consciousness (within some sort of astral body) was in the dream world while my physical body was fast asleep in my bedroom. This brought to light a belief-shattering idea: My conscious mind must not live in my body. This belief became my foundation for psychic growth.

For many years after, I lived for lucid dreaming and kept detailed dream journals. In my most active period I averaged about four lucid dreams a month.

There are many books on the subjects of lucid dreams and astral projection, all attempts to describe how it all works from our 3D point of view. In the future I may write in detail about my personal point of view of the subjects, but for know I just want to give a quick summary of what I believe as a result of my experience.

My consciousness in a lucid dream can vary from sleepy awareness to being completely alert in a shockingly vivid scene, but it is never exactly the same as physical waking consciousness.

It’s more like having tunnel vision; I see only what’s right in front of me.

I consider lucid dreaming to be when I become consciously aware within a dream environment. After accomplishing that, I usually ask to stop the dream environment and “go” somewhere else. Wherever I end up is part of the astral realm.

In this realm, thought creates reality immediately, so I have to be very careful and specific about my thoughts. Funny thing is, I’m finding out that the same is true of the 3D world, except we have the seemingly added delay of time and space.

So how did I come to meet my dad in the astral realm? It began with a rather dull dream that I became lucid in. What follows is taken directly from my dream journal dated January 22, 2001:

…I go to the room to the right. It has office spaces. I see what I take to be my boss, John, on the phone.

As I approach, I see it looks like Dad! I do a double take. I know I have had some confusing dad-type stuff going on with John, so I make sure. I look more closely. It’s Dad alright.

He’s about my age (36 at the time), has sideburns, wears a plaid long-sleeved dress shirt and jeans. It looks exactly like Dad I think.

I come up to him and say, “Dad?!” He gets up and turns around.

I was going to tell my boss about my fuel problem [from earlier in the dream], but now I’m standing face to face with Dad! I realize he is playing the role of my boss for me.

I am now lucid!

I decide to stop action to see if it’s really my dad. I say, “Stop action!” I ask for the set to clear and it does.

Dad is still in front of me. He’s astonished, shocked, which shocks me.

He says, “You can see me?” I say, “Yeah.” Then I call out, “Dad,” and I hug him.

I’m still suspicious. I’m afraid he’ll morph into someone else, but he doesn’t.

He feels solid, but I’m not real emotional, just happy-suspicious.

I notice his young appearance and ask him about it. He’s confused. His face kind of fades a little. I restate the question more clearly. “You look the same age as I am in reality now. Why?” (I don’t recall an answer)…

According to my journal I sort of got sidetracked and lost connection with my dad. This happens pretty often. It’s difficult to retain extreme focus for long periods. When focus fades, I find myself either heading back into normal dream consciousness or I fall back into my body in bed and awaken.

What surprised me the most and what made me believe that I actually met my dad in the astral realm, was his response. He was shocked that I had the ability to see him.

Since then, I’ve had many lucid dreams where my dad appeared and spoke to me, but this meeting is one of the most important because it validated that what I’m doing with my consciousness is pretty special. It’s also super cool that my dad can help me out by taking roles in regular dreams.  

I was never close with my dad. He didn’t know how to be close as he grew up in a trauma-filled household before being sent to boarding school from age 8 on. But now that my dad lives in the non-physical world, he is willing to take on as active a role as I allow. And that’s pretty comforting.