An Alien’s Loving Directive

Ever since I first channeled AV: The Loving Extraterrestrial, his directive has been clear: to help us humans understand the truth of our origin - that we are made from Love.

At our most recent retreat, AV: used chocolate to illustrate his point:


Question -

I feel some resistance to receiving love from others. I love giving love, but when it comes to receiving love from others, I notice that I only let it in so far. There’s a resistance there. What can I do that would help open up my heart?

AV: -

I want you to understand this. Trust me on this. That if you understand that you are of love, from love, in love, then there would be no hesitation for love.

Understand your true nature. Understand where you come from.

Understand that you cannot truly NOT be in love.

It’s an impossibility.

So, it’s like saying you were…instead of love, what should we use instead of love? Chocolate! Let’s say you’re made of chocolate.

You’re saying, “I can’t feel chocolate.” (Laughter) “I feel less chocolate. I can’t accept the chocolate of my lover. I melt when he’s around.”

Do you understand the ridiculousness of it? Your chocolateness cannot be taken from you. So, it is ridiculous. You are made of chocolate.

So, you need practices to understand that you are made of chocolate. It is that simple.

Av: went on to say that even our language illustrates our belief that love is something we experience occasionally. He had someone look up the definition of love online so we could all see that we define the word as something that we feel from time to time rather than the very thing we are made of.

I hope that one day I will fully realize what AV: speaks about and feel the love I’m made of. I have, however, experienced a bit of what AV:’s love feels like as he enters my body. I say “a bit” because I think I would explode from love if I was to take in all he can offer. As it is, I give out the most wonderful laugh/cry when I allow his love to fill me. It’s an amazing experience and one that I hope to share with others.

To take a step toward making him more accessible to others, I will be channeling AV: at The Center for Love & Light, Friday, November 15 at the cost of just $20. Click here to register.