An Unexpected Connection

Nine years ago, when I started attending Al-Anon meetings, I discovered that songwriting was part of my spirituality. Up to that point I had believed there was a higher power that held everything in the Universe together but I didn’t feel I had a connection to it. It didn’t feel personal.

Obviously, my guides helped me choose a sponsor because he turned out to be a musician too. When I told him about my feelings of being disconnected from this “God” that was spoken of in the meetings, he told me I already had a connection, and it was through songwriting.

His insight blew my mind, and he was right! When I write songs I go into this meditative zone and receive creative ideas as well as a feeling of serenity and grounding. My creativity, including art and photography, was my natural method of connecting to my higher self, my guides, and my muses. I had been allowing spirit to move through me since I was old enough to hold a pencil and undoubtedly had done it with just my imagination as an infant.

With music, writing songs isn’t the only way I feel connected to Spirit. I have that connection when I perform them as well. Fireflies is a song that especially locks me in when I sing it.

I wrote it in my twenties during a difficult period and then forgot about it. I rediscovered Fireflies a couple of months ago when I stumbled across a box of old cassette tape recordings.

Songs can change meanings for me as time goes by and Fireflies has done just that. It’s now a reminder that my personal adversity will pass leaving me with a beautiful new perspective. (Lyrics below.)

What do you do for your spiritual connection? I’d love to hear from you.


Don’t mind dark minds

Winds come

Blow it all behind

When we look back

We’ll wonder why

We braced for storm’s attack


We want fireflies

A slow breeze

Chasing yellow lights

Open our jars

With brave smiles

It’s okay where we are


Racing river

Bending trees

Rapid skies

Oh help us please

Fight upstream

Rain-soaked clothes

We search for shelter

In shallow shoals


We find quiet minds

On low limbs

Inviting us to climb

Over river’s bank

With broad-water smiles

And the wind to thank