Healing My Son

A few days ago, I healed my teenage son! He woke up with what seemed to be a stomach bug and spent much of the morning in the bathroom moaning and crying from very painful intestinal cramps. He’s a pretty tough kid, so I was very concerned.

My partner, Janet, suggested I administer Reiki, a healing modality, on my son’s gut. She had attuned me to Reiki I about a year ago, which allows me to use it to heal. My son agreed, and so I had him sit down while I placed my hands about two inches over his abdomen.

Although I know Reiki works from experiencing a few healings from Janet, I can’t say I had great confidence in my own ability to heal with Reiki. I had tried it on myself a few times but wasn’t convinced of the improvement, but now I was on the spot. My son was depending on me to reduce his pain, so I kept at it with determination.

I could feel my hands slightly buzzing and I felt the heat coming from his gut. It was super hot. I noticed that he seemed to relax a bit when I got started, maybe from emotionally handing the reigns to me.

I oscillated my state of consciousness between active determination, during which I imagined pushing energy into him, and meditation, in which I asked for his spirit guides and angels to help while I became a conduit, letting the Reiki do it’s thing.

After a few minutes, Janet asked if I wanted a “boost” which is exactly what you would think it would be. Usually this would require me stopping the healing while she gave me the boost, but I didn’t want to stop because my son was starting to get some relief from the pain. So Janet went in the next room and did her thing, sending the boost remotely. Almost immediately my hands tingled even more. I was feeling the boost! So cool.

Within 10 to 15 minutes my son became very sleepy. He was so tired that he had to struggle to tell me that the pain had gone completely away! I covered him with a blanket and he fell asleep.

I can’t tell you how thankful I was that he was pain free. I was amazed that I have the ability to help him. I still am.

Later that day and the next morning he had more bouts of pain as his body struggled to rid itself of the virus. Both of the times I applied Reiki the pain went away and he became very sleepy. Awesome stuff!

I’m guessing that from now on my teenager will ask for Reiki for other ailments and lesser bouts of pain, and I’ll be happy to help him. I’m cool with being his walking first aid kit! I’m loving Reiki.



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