A few months ago I was normal. Well, not really, but I could sort of pull off normal creative guy as an artist/photographer and musician. Now I’m an artist/photographer, musician,and intuitive/channel who often cries with people on the phone. (The crying itself is very strange for me without the involvement of an extraterrestrial.)

I just started my intuitive/channel business giving readings and channeling for clients over the phone. There is no possible way I could have foreseen this life change other than some previous astral projection (being conscious outside of my body), Third Eye visions, and some channeled writing.

In fact, at first I resisted the idea of reading for people. I was perfectly happy using my ability to help progress with my own emotional and spiritual growth and to help my loved ones with problems. However, with prompting from my partner, Janet, a very experienced professional energy healer and intuitive, I tried out my re-charged channeling talent with friends.

That’s when crying with other people began.

During the readings, TUW, a group of entities I channel, were giving me such strong feelings of love for my friends that I found myself in tears. The imagery was beautiful and the words were equally so.

After a few sessions I moved onto reading for friends of friends and the tears continued on both sides of the phone.

I found myself crying with relative strangers and they were grateful for it!

So where does my extraterrestrial come in? One day I decided to ask TUW several questions about aliens, the last one being: “Will I ever meet one?”

Oh crap! It never occurred to me that non-physical entities with superior knowledge and abilities would, of course, be able to get me in touch with one.

I immediately felt the strong sedating (but not scary) presence of an eight-foot extraterrestrial I call AV: (sounds like Dave and, yes, the colon is part of his name).

And get this – he’s not some Sci-Fi alien here to give us the technology to fight off the bad aliens who plan on vaporizing us in order to prepare for the colonization of our planet. No. Not at all.

He’s actually a loving being communicating with me for the betterment of humankind and to educate us about the essentialness of love.

AV: has told me, “The aspect of our planet that would feel most ALIEN to you would be our lovingness toward you and each other.”

Love seems to be his answer for all problems. Many times, during my channeling, AV: has reached out and touched my heart causing me to break down and sob. Recently he came through in a channeled reading and gave the most beautiful tear-jerking meditation exercise designed to connect us with our higher Star Child. AV: never ceases to amaze me with his tenderness and insight.

No one could ever have told me that I would find myself crying with my loving ET. Tonight I will host my first group channeling session with AV: and friends. I am so grateful for him and I can’t wait to see how this will unfold!

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