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Throughout my life I’ve had various experiences that have led me to believe there was something else out there, something greater than our physical world, something more magical.

From ­the start, I was a sensitive and creative kid (now an artist/photographer, musician and writer), who was able to access the non-physical world for new ideas and stay open to all possibilities. The most life-impacting experience  I’ve had in the non-physical was when I awakened within a dream and became aware that  my consciousness was separate from my sleeping body and that I would live past my body’s death.

In this lucid dream/astral realm I discovered that situations, locations and objects are instantly changed by thought. I saw landscapes covered with glittering and sparkling multicolored crystals. I saw gadgets that don’t exist in our world. I visited my deceased father who was shocked that I could see him. I popped into people’s bodies not knowing what to do or how to speak their language. I had found the magical world I had sensed as a kid.

With the help of my partner, Janet Raftis, a very gifted and experienced energy healer and intuitive, I’ve learned that I have a wide range of abilities that allow me to access the non-physical, including the use of all of the psychic senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience etc). I’m also able to detect foreign energy/entities and earth bound spirits in homes, give psychic and mediumship readings, connect with the deceased, communicate with animals, and channel loving entities.

This fulfilling new part of my life began a couple of years ago when I started giving psychic readings professionally. Being of service to others has allowed me to see people as their core selves, true loving souls. It's changed me profoundly.